Bicentennial Story Posters

Share the stories of Methodist mission history with these colorful, well-designed PDFs featuring pictures and short descriptions of significant persons representing the breadth of Methodist mission history. Their 36 inch tall x 24 inch wide size makes them perfect for bulletin inserts, handouts, and larger display boards. Files are available for the following persons:

Henry G. and Ella Appenzeller

Nathan Bangs

Belle Harris Bennett

William and Clementina Butler

Susan Angeline Collins, Martha Drummer, and Anna E. Hall

Anna Eklund

Mai Gray

Ulysses and Vivienne Gray

J. Harry Haines

Theressa Hoover

Gertrude Howe, Ida Kahn, and Mary Stone

E. Stanley Jones

Kim Hwal-Lan (Helen Kim) and Prudencia L. Fabro

The Lambuths

Alma Mathews and Kathryn Maurer

John Jasper Methvin, Andres Martinez, and Kicking Bird

John R. Mott

Wilhelm Nast

William Fitzjames Oldham

Francisco Penzotti

Lochie Rankin

Anna Howard Shaw, Frances Willard, and Katharine Bushnell

Ella Schenck, Marietta Hatfield, and Mary Archer

Justina Lorenz Showers

Amanda Berry Smith

Bishop John Springer, Helen Springer, and Tshangand Kayeke

John Stewart

Teikichi Sunamoto

William Taylor

Isabella and James Thoburn

Bishop Herbert Welch

Ann Wilkins