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Bicentennial Story Posters

Bicentennial Story Posters Share the stories of Methodist mission history with these colorful, well-designed PDFs featuring pictures and short descriptions of significant persons representing the breadth of Methodist mission history. Their 36 inch tall x 24 inch wide size makes them perfect for bulletin inserts, handouts, and larger display boards. Files are available for the...

Bushnell, Katharine C. (1855–1946)

Bushnell, Katharine C. (1855–1946)

Missionary, Activist, Scholar and Writer for Women’s Equality Born in Peru, Illinois, Bushnell’s studies at Northwestern University (1873-74) foreshadowed events of her future. Firstly, she began studying Greek and Latin, which would eventually culminate in her publication of God’s Word to Women. Secondly, she studied under Francis Willard, then dean of the women’s college at...